It's About Time

Kabbalistic Insights for Taking Charge of Your Life

Test drive the wisdom of the ages in this balance of practical and insightful spiritual self-help, focused on making your life happier, more fulfilled, and more effective. In each session, learn to master one aspect of your personal life related to the kabbalistic energies of the month. Learn. Grow. Be inspired. Be empowered. Take action. Implement change.

Lesson One: Sleep and Renewal
We’re here to accomplish, but we spend about one-third of our lives asleep! This lesson explores the practical and spiritual reasons for sleep, uncovering insights and practical tools to help us avoid boredom, initiate fresh beginnings, and infuse excitement and renewal into our lives. 

Lesson Two: Emotional Mastery
Emotions are supposed to motivate us, not weigh us down. This lesson presents a Jewish model for dealing with anger and other emotional hijackings through cognitive and behavioral approaches, introducing the secrets of emotional mastery and learning from King David’s exemplary character.

Lesson Three: Food and Dieting
Our relationships with food are rather complex. There is overeating, undereating, and unhealthy eating. At the same time, while, in the long run, many of the pop culture diets just don’t seem to be working. This lesson explores the kabbalistic reason why food is so tempting, and introduces Jewish practices that can help make our eating more mindful, healthful, and spiritually satisfying.

Lesson Four: Pursuing Happiness
People commonly confuse the desire for materialism with the pursuit of happiness. This lesson introduces Jewish wisdom that provides a holistic understanding of what happiness is, and how it can be achieved through material satisfaction and spiritual fulfillment.

Lesson Five: Communication
As humans we have a unique ability to form deep relationships through verbal communication. Miscommunication is also the reason for much discord and heartbreak. The Torah’s guidelines for conversation and gossip ensure that the words we say work to enhance our relationships by avoiding areas of conflict and unintentional harm. This lesson also offers Jewish wisdom to sharpen our communication and listening skills and make us better partners in our relationships.

Lesson Six: Faith and Knowledge
There are rational proofs for the existence of G-d, but is our faith reason-based? More than a lesson about G-d, this is a lesson about ourselves, exploring the human capacity for reason and critical thinking alongside the inborn need to reach beyond our limited comprehension to marvel at, and envelop ourselves in that which our left brains cannot possibly comprehend.

Lesson Seven: Lasting Change
Why is it so difficult to keep a resolution? Can a person undergo real, lasting change? The Torah urges us to utilize our G-d-like human capacity to overstep our limitations and prove that metamorphosis is not only possible, but essential for personal growth. Calling on biblical examples and Jewish wisdom, the lesson outlines a practical, step-by-step guide explaining how we can implement long-enduring change.