About Rosh Chodesh Society

Mission Statement

RCS is an inspirational network for all Jewish women, providing monthly educational, cultural, and social programs across the globe. RCS enjoys rapid expansion, as women universally are hungrier than ever for a meaningful connection with their rich Jewish heritage and for a vibrant bond with their Jewish sisters.

Cutting-edge programs delivered by women scholars, educators, and leaders empower women to brighten their own lives and bring blessing and inspiration to their corner of the globe.

Our History

Individual women, as well as established communities, have been crying out for non-judgmental, cutting-edge, authentic, professional programs created by Jewish women for Jewish women.

In response, we created RCS. This network allows academic excellence along with social reform and its applications. We considered the awesome impact of a holistic approach to Jewish learning on personal and communal progress, especially from the perspective of Jewish women.

RCS invests heavily in research, design, and the latest innovative approaches to adult learning, in order to deliver genuine Jewish inspiration in presentations that are intellectually satisfying and highly accessible and practical.


Well-Connected: It's not what you know. It's what you do.

Well-Connected is just the thing if you’re feeling mitzvah-curious, or if you simply want to find out more about practical Judaism. Beyond that—if you’re looking for a deeper engagement with Jewish ritual and how to live in deed—indeed, this is just the thing to do.

What comes to mind when you think of religion?

A way of looking at life, perhaps, a story about the world, or a way to pray? For many, a faith is a core set of beliefs surrounded by a little ceremony. For us, that’s precisely backwards: Judaism is less a system of belief than a system of action.