Heroines of the Bible

Her Story. My Story.

In our course, "Heroines of the Bible: Her Story - My Story", we will explore the struggles and challenges, the celebration and redemption, of six key personalities who are central figures in the history of the Jewish people. Empowered by their uniquely feminine qualities and prophetic vision, they inspired not only the women of their respective generations, but also the people as a whole, to identify with their personal mission and spiritual purpose. Today, living in our modern world, we too can connect with these great women, and by tapping into their stories we can attain personal fulfillment and success within our very own stories.

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Lesson 1: Sarah
The Mother of Intention - One Matriarch's Maternal Mission

If you knew you were to mother a nation that would change the course of mankind forever, what life skills and character traits would you choose to transmit to your children?

In this fascinating lesson, we'll learn how Sarah stepped up to her destiny as the matriarch of a people dedicated to the fulfillment of G-d's mission for mankind.

Regardless of your age, stage, and status in life, join us and discover your deep-rooted matriarchal instincts in the story of Sarah.

Lesson 2: Devorah
Prophetess Under a Palm Tree - A Vision and a Song

In the early years of settling the land of Israel, lacking the leadership and patriotism to triumph in war, every man fended for himself, oblivious to the needs of the community. Until one leader arose, a visionary woman, who inspired the people to identify with a national mission and spiritual purpose. A source of strength in a time of war, a leader who communicated direction through poetic song, Devorah the Prophetess succeeded in calling a nation to action.

In this inspirational lesson, you'll discover how you can unleash the power within, gain courage to stand up and take initiative, and learn from Devorah how you can be a role model and source of guidance for your family and your community.

Lesson 3: Chanah
Eat. Pray. Live. - A Search For Unity of Personal and Collective Fulfillment

Yearning for a child, Chanah poured out her heart in prayer. She so desperately wanted a child, a son she would selflessly devote to a higher calling.

Why should we want children? How do we determine whether we're driven by selfishness or selflessness? Join us for an exploration of the feminine quest for motherhood, as we retell the story of Chana and examine the motives that drive our life's pursuits.

Lesson 4: Michal
In the Balance -  A Daughter and Wife in the Political Arena

As daughter to King Saul and devoted wife to King David, Michal's wisdom and delicate footing allowed her to navigate dual loyalties in the fierce battle between two kings.

Yet, despite her flexibility, Michal was courageous and stood firm for her principles, even when it meant putting her foot down before the king.

How should you approach disagreement? How can you get your way and insist on what's right, without fueling the fires of conflict? Join us for the thrilling saga of Michal, and discover how you too can become a source of strength and calm in your home.

Lesson 5: Avigail
Crown Royal - Patriotism and the Discovery of Greatness

Some patriots are loyal to the powers that be, whoever they may be. But only a select few have the insight to recognize potential greatness and the courage to demonstrate loyalty to a leader whose greatness has not yet been realized.

Join us for the thrilling saga of Avigail, the woman who discovered King David and made personal sacrifices on his behalf even before he was king. Learn to discover potential greatness within yourself and within others, and how you can devote your life toward actualizing that potential.

Lesson 6: The Shunamit
A Woman and a Prophet - The Strength in Seeking Guidance

There are no perfect people, only those who strive to become better. And, since we are blind to our own shortcomings, personal growth begins by actively seeking guidance and mentorship.

Join us as we unravel the biblical story of the Shunamit, a determined woman who demonstrated uncanny devotion to the prophet Elisha, her spiritual guide and mentor.

Learn how to follow the guidance and instruction of those who empower us to see beyond our egos, and lead us down the path of self-discovery.